An Automatic Water Pumping system to dispel a controlled volume of water to your Pave®CFT, maintaining a controlled water flow rate independent of the testing speed.


The Pave®CFT can be supplied with a self wetting system. The system puts a strip of water on the surface immediately in front of the measuring wheels. Various water tank volumes are available to meet your testing needs and vehicle size. 500 litres up to 12,000 litres have been supplied.

Automatic adjustment of water flow rates maintain consistent water depths independent of testing speed. Water depth can be set to 0.25, 0.5 and 1mm.

Flow rate is recorded and displayed on the main computer screen with monitoring system to switch off the pump automatically when the water tank becomes empty, protecting your pump from damage.

In addition to the water delivery system a laminated nozzle manifold is installed on to the Pave®CFT. Below is a photo showing the nozzle and the nozzle assembly installed on to the Pave®CFT.