PAVETESTING® LTD , United Kingdom announces the launch of the PaveHWD

PaveTesting Ltd, has announced that it has launched the Pave®HWD, that will be the newest addition to our Pave®FWD range. The official launch will be 12th January 2014. TRB, Washington D.C

A standard Falling Weight Deflectometer imparts a maximum force of 150kN in to the pavement surface which is used to simulate a vehicle tyre loading. Increasing the load to 250kN gives the capacity to test much stiffer pavement surfaces such as Airport Runways.

“Our development of the Pave®HWD comes after nearly 5 years of research and industry investigation. The new design incorporates many revolutionary features and innovative thinking at a price that is right for our customers. We are proud of our English heritage and I am proud of what our engineers have come up with. We have a great team at PaveTesting and I am sure the Pave®HWD will be another great product for our customers. said Barry Goff, Managing Director PaveTesting Ltd .

The Pave®HWD key features are shown below

One Chassis design for all models, 150kN, 250kN and 350kN, with a simple load cell replacement. Folding Chassis design for easy of transport and reduced shipping costs. Digital Geophone signal, totally eliminating analogue signal degradation.

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