The Pave®MLS30 is used to simulate heavy vehicle trafficking on pavement structures over a fully loaded 3.0 meter section at the incredible rate of 6,000 axle loadings per hour, under fully controlled conditions. The Pave®MLS30 allows pavements to be tested and for their performance to be evaluated in a very short time compared with test sites under normal traffic and indeed by other equipment available.


The full-scale Pave®MLS30 has the advantage that it can test the full depth of in-service pavements and it is small enough to limit lane occupancy on in-service roads. It is also versatile and manoeuvrable under its own power.

The trafficking is: uni-directional and simulates real truck loading to serve as a basis for theoretical modelling.

The maximum load on each set of dual wheels is 7.5tons (75kN) at maximum speed of 6 m/s (nominally 22kph), when 6 000 axle loads are being applied per hour by the 4 bogie carriages.

The Pave®MLS66 is driven by contactless linear induction motors, LIMs, requiring no gearbox thus no wear or fatigue of the drive system.


The full-scale Pave®MLS30 have attributes that make them excellent tools for APT application, putting them in a class of their own. This includes:

  • Speed of travel of the bogies ? 4 carriage Bogies
  • Number of load applications per day ? upto 6000
  • Size of load ? upto 75kN
  • Mobility and Cost ? which makes them ideal for field and fixed site laboratory applications both in research and for proof testing!
  • The Pave®MLS30 is designed for testing sections up to 3.0 meters Update the gallery with the photos on the DropBox for Pave®MLS30 ? include the High resolution Renders.