Using the Side Force principle (Fixed Slip), designed to ASTM E670 and harmonised to the SCRIM International Friction Tester


A measuring instrument used to give a continuous trace of surface friction whilst travelling at highway speeds.

Water delivery systems are custom designed depending on your vehicle and testing distance requirements.

Using the Side Force principle as described in ASTM E670 and AASHTO T268 this device uses two ASTM E1551 tyre's mounted at a fixed angle to the direction of travel. This side force is measured by a load measuring device which directly computes the tyre surface frictional properties.

Optional Global Positional System (Pave®GPS) linked to Friction Data can be supplied at a resolution to sub 1 meter accuracy. System calibration can be performed by the operator with the purchase of the Calibration Matt and Trolley. A Precision Tyre Pressure Gauge can also be supplied to monitor for correct tyre pressures.


  • ASTM E670, AASHTO T268 Design
  • ASTM E1551 Tire
  • Continuous Friction Trace
  • Side Force Measurement
  • Hydraulic Wheel Up and Dual Wheel Adjustment System
  • 12V DC Vehicle Power
  • Simple Trailer design or mounted on Truck optional
  • On Board computer controlled water delivery system
  • Fixed Slip
  • Integrated Surface and Ambient Temperature Sensors
  • Full Graphical Software
  • Output file in standard format


  • Length - 1553mm
  • Width - 960mm
  • Height - 570mm
  • Towing Hitch Height 350±12mm
  • Operational Weight- 254 kg
  • Friction Measuring Accuracy ±0.01
  • Maintained for any instance not less than 15 meters between computations.
  • Distance Measuring Accuracy ±0.1% plus tire wear
  • Vehicle supply 12-24V :DC ? Max 8amp


As the international standard for Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment, the ASTM E1551 tyre has proven to be the most reliable and consistent tyre available to equipment manufacturers.

The ASTM E1551 tyre is now available directly thorough PaveTesting Ltd. and its approved international agents.

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  • Manufactured to ASTM E1551 standard
  • Multiple Order discounts available
  • Batched tested by PaveTesting for increased quality control
  • Fits multiple friction machines
  • Low Cost
  • Manufactured by ISO 9001 company