PaveProf V2.0 High Speed Profilometer uses 3D laser sensors and high resolution Accelerometers to measure pavement profiles for applications such as surface roughness, texture and rutting at highways speeds to international standards.


The Pave®Prof V2.0 design consists of modular components and software - from a single laser and accelerometer system (for single wheel path IRI and Texture measurements) to the complete system consisting of up to 40 fully integrated lasers (for full transverse highway measurement). Let PaveTesting design your system to meet your requirements and budget.

Using digital Laser technology and high speed Accelerometers the Pave®Prof V2.0 has been proven to be reliable at speeds ranging from 15 to 120kmph to give accurate International Roughness Index (IRI) Measurements. Upgrading the system to our High Speed 110kHz laser gives the ability to measure Surface texture at a resolution of 1mm even when travelling at 120kmph.

The system is operated using a conventional computer and if required touchscreen and KeyPad operation enables single operator use. Calibration is easy to perform and can be completed in minutes. Data is streamed to the computer in various formats to meet your requirements. Output data can be saved in CSV or ERD format for easy download to PROVAL software. RAW data output gives the ability to replay your data back in your office for greater analysis. Pave®Prof Software is free for the life time of your system, this means continuous upgrades to meet new standards and system improvements.

Features and Benefits

  • Profiling at highway speeds enables faster measurement without the need to close highways or disrupt traffic
  • High quality UK manufacturer delivering exceptional precision and accuracy
  • Comprehensive range of systems from single point to Multiple Point for full Transverse Profile.
  • True ASTM Class 1 profiling
  • Simple installation with Vehicle Brackets custom designed
  • Real time graphical display with instant RN, IRI, MPD, SMPT calculations
  • Choice of laser suppliers - all easily integrated
  • Oblique sensors with 1000 mm measuring range for full transverse highway measuring (Kerb measurements)
  • A stock inventory of over 100 lasers means that we always have systems ready for immediate delivery
  • Event Markers integrated in to KeyPad one touch operation for single operator use.
  • Computer Platform can be customer supplied to meet region setting and local computer support
  • Upgrade to more lasers, Cameras, GPS, or Gyroscope without having to modify your basic system.


GPS option include standard Wired GPS for accuracy to within 5 meters. Alternatively using the NEMA standard any GPS system can be integrated to meet customers’ requirements including sub 1 meter accuracy. All data is then linked to GPS coordinates which can be used to precisely locate areas of interest within the data sets.


PaveProf data collecting includes but is not limited to the following international standards:

  • International Roughness Index (IRI)
  • Profilograph Index (PI)
  • Ride Quality Index (RQI)
  • Half Car Ride Index (HRI)
  • Ride Number, (RN)
  • Longitudinal Profile
  • MPD
  • SMPD
  • STD – Volumetric Measurement Our machines are also designed to meet or exceed the following ASTM standards:
    • ASTM E-950 Measuring the Longitudinal Profile of Traveled Surfaces with an Accelerometer Established Inertial Profiling
    • ASTM E-1926 Computing International Roughness Index of Roads from Longitudinal Profile Measurements
    • ASTM-1845 Calculating Pavement Macrotexture Mean Profile Depth
    • ASTM-1489 Standard Practice for Computing Ride Number of Roads from Longitudinal Profile Measurements Made by an Inertial Profile Measuring Device
    • ASTM-1703 Measuring Rut-Depth of Pavement Surfaces Using a Straight Edge